Terms of Sales - Michels Performance Horses LLC

A. Vet Checks are always welcome and highly encouraged upon your own expense, you may use any vet of your choice or we can find you one we are not associated with to vet your potentially new horse. Horses for sale are described to the best of our ability.

B. Horses bought from Michels Performance Horses LLC are "AS IS WHERE IS" once they leave our facility they are considered "YOURS" we can't control what happens when the horse(s) leave our facility and training program. We will give the new potential buyer optimal time to try the horse, or ride with us to learn more about their new horse if they want to do so, we highly encourage you feel the fit is 100% before you purchase cause once you do it is deemed as is, and you are now the new sole owner of your new horse, no horses to be brought back. 

C. NO horses to be brought back for cash exchange, we do understand you may bring your new horse home and sometimes its just not the perfect fit or the horse isn't acclimating to their new environment like they did so at our training facility, however we will try our hardest to make sure we can help you each step of the way to make sure you and your new horse work good together, wether it be a lesson with Michels Performance Horses LLC or a trade in of equal or lesser value of your current horse that may be a better fit for you if one is available at that time. Thank you for the understanding.

D. Acceptable forms of payment with Michels Performance Horses LLC

    1. PAYPAL (3% FEE)


    3. CASH

    4. PERSONAL/CASHIERS CHECK - papers for horse will be mailed (overnighted) once the payment has cleared. 


*No Finance Programs Available*

E.  No payment plans available unless %10 down payment the rest paid in 7 Business days. (Horse will remain in possession of Michels Performance Horses LLC until paid in full) 


We at Michels Performance Horses LLC take our job seriously, we do our best to offer some of the best horses on the market in all different disciplines. We as sellers expect the buyers to represent their skill level and obligations with their new potential horse honestly. We want the best for the horses and want to see the rider and their new horse go and succeed as a team. A timid or unexperienced rider can undo professional training in a matter or minutes or days, so please we encourage you come ride the horse make sure you "Click" even if you put down a down payment and come try the horse one full day or numerous days and pay in full upon picking up your new horse, we just want "Satisfied" customers. Always remember different techniques in riding can produce very different responses in horses, make sure to give you and your horse time to acclimate to each other in the time following your purchase. 

Thank you for considering Michels Performance LLC for your new horse! We take lots of pride in offering some of the best wether it be a barrel prospect all the way up to an NRHA Futurity Champion!!!!