Michels Performance Horses LLC 

2016 Price Sheet

Training/Board - $800 per 30 days, payment due 1st of every month and will be billed accordingly. 

Travel Expenses - $.60 a mile with a $50 minimum.

Day Fees - $25 day fee per horse at shows.

Lessons - $45 per lesson.

Camping - Camping will be divided up amongst customers during the horse show.

Misc. Fees - If horse needs medicine/shots or other maintenance during their stay with us it will be charge accordingly.

Sales and Commissions - 10% of the final sale price paid to Michels Performance Horses LLC, we do not accept outside horses to sell only horses that have been in training with us that we can sell with a guarantee. 

All Checks made payable to : Michels Performance Horses LLC

Mail Checks to: 29480 Harry Ave 

Cannon Falls MN 55009

Contact Info:

Justin & Ashley Michels 574-350-4044

[email protected]